Wyoming Urgent Care is a team of providers led by Dr. Lesly Germain (orthopedic surgeon) operating in central Warsaw, Wyoming County NY. Our goal is to offer high level, timely and affordable healthcare services to our patients. Our respectful, knowledgeable and compassionate healthcare providers and staff commit to always be caring, respecting, encouraging, and understanding.

Our Walk-in Center located on Warsaw’s Main Street provides immediate care for all types of non life-threatening injuries and illnesses including flu symptoms, asthma, fractures, lacerations, common pediatric problems, and much more
We are open 7 days a week to meet your medical needs and the ones of your family.

  • • No appointment required!
  • • No waiting time
  • • Efficient & Rapid Treatment
  • • Affordable & Practical Solutions
  • • Minimal Paperwork
  • • No Hospitalization Time
  • • Useful Medical Information for Patient Empowerment